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We understand the complexities and difficulties arising from the initial contact and the following dialogue. We would like to take this opportunity to explain our activities in more detail.

The concert agency "EUROCONCERT" was formed in Moscow in 2002. Due to initial success and effective management the company was recognized as a winner in the IV All-Russia competition. Specifically the "1000 Best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia" which was delivered in the Kremlin Palace.

EUROCONCERT now has a wide range of experience in organizing events of all sizes and scales. Examples of our events include but are in no way limited to:


Private Holidays (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, children's holidays;


Day's of Cities (Volgograd, Saransk, Tver, Izhevsk, New Urengoj, as well as many others)


Professional Holidays for large companies (Holdings, Factories, Mass concert actions)


Official celebratory events devoted to sectors of Professionals (Day of the Metallurgist, Day of the Oil and Gas industry)

EUROCONCERT has also organized and held annual large scale music festivals. These festivals include the national musical award "Gold Record player", unique in Russia the pop dance music festival "Boom of Year", and the international rock festival "Maxidrom". The events have included the participation of stars from the European and American scene, such as Bad Boys Blue, Boney M, Arash, C.C.Catch, Craig David, Ottawan, Alphaville, etc. The listed festivals have been promoted in coordination with the branded radio network with the widest coverage in Russia, and are also broadcast on the main federal channels that correspond to the genre.

For the first time in 2005, with the assistance of our agency, the "Gold Record Player" festival (Branded with Radio Russian, the network with full Russian radio coverage), was carried out in New York. It was one part of a tour involving Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well.

For the Russian Media Group (RMG), a number of exit seminars have been organized. These seminars have been hosted in a number of different locations including Sochi, Turkey and Croatia. RMG is the largest holding of Russian radio media and includes RUTV the russian music channel.

EUROCONCERT was also the organizer for the French show "Stuntmen of Patrick Bourny in Moscow at the "Olympic sport center".

Our regular clients are large domestic agencies as well as a number of foreign companies:

-  Film Company "Amedia"
-  Villard Group
-  Communications company "SPN Ogilvy"
-  The Volga Trumpet Factory
-  Russian Mining Company
-  "Absolute Bank"
-  Volgograd Oil Refining Factory
-  Gazproms
   and many more...

We manage signifigant events not only at home, but abroad. For example, EUROCONCERT was there supporting the the Russian athletes at the summer Olympic Games in China. We have also welcomed visitors and participants o Moscow during the "Evrovision 2009".

If you have read the above text it can only mean one thing. We are very glad to meet you and are looking forward to our new and successful partnership. Welcome.


灭箫镟 "Bad Boys Blue" Rico Sanchez & The Gipsies Haddaway "SuperMax" DJ Alligator

Riccardo Fogli Imani Uzuri “Ottawan” Boney M SNAP


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